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Play Smart. Go the Distance.

ACC SportSmart Warm up enhances performance and keeps athletes injury free. 

One of the specialists (Nick Chong) is coming to Whanganui on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th August to run courses. He is open to attending: 
- Training sessions and incorporate the course into the training session
- Schools - ideally for more than 1 team (can have up to 40 athletes or coaches in one session)
- Clubs
- Coach groups

There will be an open session on the Cooks Gardens field 3.30-4.30pm on Thursday 3rd August that anyone can sign up for (please register).

The course is free and takes 1 hour to complete, divided into two parts; theory and practical.
Outcome: Players and coaches will understand how to warm up effectively to prevent injury. 

To register, please contact Clare at Sport Whanganui: 349 2881 or clare@sportwhanganui.co.nz
Registrations close 5pm Monday 31st July 2017. 

Click here to check out the poster with all the details.
Click here to download and print the registration form or contact Clare to register: clare@sportwhanganui.co.nz

Check this link out to find out more: https://accsportsmart.co.nz/warmup/